Harvard University Admission Criteria

Harvard University Admission Criteria

To get into IVY leagues:

America has made it more accessible to international students with the removal of the GRE. Universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and the likes have removed the requirement of standardized testing and so to get into an IVY league, you need to follow certain criteria while building your application.

These universities offer different types of majors such as political science or engineering, a bachelors in finance and a masters in economics, so research for what you particularly want to do is essential. Everyone can score higher grades, but not everybody has experience in the industry.

Undergraduate admissions:

If you’re applying to one of the IVY Leagues like Harvard or Princeton, know that the number of applicants applying all have a 4.0 GPA or close enough so that won’t distinguish you. What distinguishes you is what your aims are and what you have done in your scholastic work to achieve those aims. Harvard looks for people to grow, and for Harvard to grow with the students, to get into an esteemed university like that, make sure you have some type of internship experience or if you were in a debate society or a non profit organization and the likes.

Graduate admissions/changing fields:

Applying to a graduate school can be tricky but nonetheless not impossible. If you are completely switching majors like you had a bachelors in Engineering but want to go for a Master’s in Journalism, you will have to work in that field for a bit to show that while you turned around from your original goals of being an engineer, you worked enough for Harvard to accept you in the field of journalism. Pick up an Ipod and start recording political conversations! EVERYTHING helps!

Grades and how much they matter:

These schools look for individuals who have done some type of work outside of their bachelors degree GPA. They look for passion, ambition in the student to do more for themselves by getting the resources of the IVY league university. So as you come towards the application, approach it with a mindset as to what you can bring to the table when you apply.

Many students have amazing grades, but lack the ability to have a conversation. Harvard won’t take you, just the interview process would be grilling enough. On the contrary, many students who can converse properly and present themselves amicably, but have a low GPA have a higher rate of getting into an IVY league university.

While the costs of these universities are high, I am sure you have researched your tuition fees and the likes. It is well worth it to go for a lower end university for undergrad and go for a masters degree in an IVY league school. Remember, companies only look for your last degree, not your first.

Don’t shy away from a bad GPA:

You can always make it back. If you are in your final year, I’d recommend taking your last year very seriously and if you’re good on grades, get involved in activities such as co curricular, theater, drama and sports. IVY leagues and universities all around the world want to see a candidate who is an all rounder, not a bookworm.

Good Luck!

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