Personal Statements

Personal Statements

Personal statements or Personal History statements most commonly come in two types of documents. One’s that are 500 long (most universities take this) and then ones which are 2000-5000 words long.

Identify which one is yours:

The 500-word personal statement

Requires you to put a lot in just a couple of paragraphs. So, one must really dig deep into their past, their history, current and future all in these three paragraphs. Every line in this statement matters, from the first line of introduction to how you end it. It’s basically a 500-word story that starts with an intro, a body or conclusion. A student should focus on who they are and their identity in the introduction.

  • Read up on what the university is asking for. Some ask for personal achievements, some ask for prior experience, every university has its unique way of approaching the personal history statement.
  • Write a personal history statement that is 1000 words. Then start editing.
  • Edit Edit! Edit! and get it proofread by an authentic source. (This source should have a proven record in the mantra of writing)

And you’re set!

The 2000-5000 statement of purpose

Usually required in technical graduate schools or professional fields. In these statements, the student should include details of their work experience or if you’re straight applying from an undergrad program, your achievements throughout school year aside from your grades (every IVY league knows you have good grades, that’s why you’re applying).

  • For an MBA candidate, the university might ask for a previous project worked on with a company after you’ve completed your bachelors or something to do with finance that you did aside from your work at school.
  • A Liberal Arts candidate might have to show a portfolio of their work. This could come in the form of published articles, digital video work, social media posts or something. This works amazing and shows creativity in the student.

Proof reading and Editing:

We emphasize on proofreading and editing because a personal history statement at an IVY league school or any other university in America UK or Canada counts for 35% of the student’s admission. Every student, while writing their statement can think that since they have such and such achievements, that they would be accepted. That’s not the case.

A proofreader takes out stuff that the student can’t see. A student might emphasize too much on their achievements while it looks a bit showy to the reader, a proofreader will fix that.

Keeping in mind that the Statement of Purpose, SOP, Personal History Statement or whatever you want to call it weighs at 35% of your chances into your university, it is recommended that you spend at least a month in perfecting your statement. In this month, a counselor and the student should actively engage in editing the statement. Write out everything that comes to your mind and hand it to your counselor, guidance is always necessary in these types of writings. As the saying goes: Behind every great leader, there is someone who said, “This email looks good, now send it”.

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