What Is a Personal Statement? Everything You Need to Know

  • What it is?

The personal statement for undergraduate universities in the USA, Canada and the U.K require for you to go into your history and explore the unwritten or unimagined. This document is required to give the university a whole of who you are as a person and how you got to where you are today.

  • How much its worth?

American universities such as Harvard or Columbia, or many other universities don’t care much about a perfect 4.0 GPA, rather, a much larger emphasis is given to the personal statement. So much that in an admissions application, a personal statement counts for 35% of the whole admissions application.

  • Mistakes made:

This document highlights your background, where you come from, what your parental background is and why you are the one the university should take. Many of us while writing personal statements or essays talk about our accomplishments and how we got good grades and have been stars at our respectful schools – stop.

That’s not what educators at highly esteemed undergraduate programs look for. They look for a person who has a story that reflects that as they went along in life, they learned from their mistakes or performed well and made their GPA better, or maybe a person who graduated with a not so good GPA (not all of us have perfect circumstances while going through college), but worked hard enough to attain a good letter of recommendation from your current supervisor.

  • Different statement for different fields:

A business student might write that they are bored in their current field and want to pursue education, their personal statement and story totally differs from a student trying to get enrolled in the medical field. Each and every statement for undergraduate universities specially, should be considered as case per case scenario.

  • Your personal story:

It is more like a story. Remember, that undergraduate admission counselors go through many applications that have a perfect GPA but nothing to show for in their personal history statement and got rejected. We would much rather believe in a student who did not have a perfect GPA but rather had a couple of life struggles or struggles generally through their undergraduate program or even in their schooling that they overcame, to raise their GPA.

  • Edit multiple times:

Law schools, medical schools, graduate schools all circle around the same type of personal statement if written accordingly and with full attention to detail.


DO NOT shy away from applying to your dream university only if your GPA is low. Know that life is not perfect, and people go through ups and downs throughout. If there was a down situation for example growing up in a dysfunctional household, then it is understandable for the university to understand where you come from and shall empathize.

But if you were a star student from the start and you are the best at everything in your statement, then the university doesn’t need you. They have plenty like you. You have to show what you can do for your university (by showing what you’ve done in your past in your statement), rather than what the university can do for you.

Good luck!

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