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We help school students and college graduates applying for graduate school throughout the college application process. 

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To provide guidance to high school/A level students and college graduates applying for universities, in the application process. Depending on what type of academic achievements you have and what extracurriculars you are involved in, your internships have been and what your dreams are, we will work around your customized application and pick out the best schools for you and ensure you get in.



Our main focus is students from countries all over the world, who dream to attain higher education in the most prestigious universities of North America, Canada and the U.K. A bunch of professionals decided to come around and patch together, to advise other young aspiring university applicants. We believe that a huge number of students across the world miss the opportunity of attaining education from the best institutions just because they lacked counselling from professionals. Our aim is to provide these scholars with an opportunity to help solidify their next dream!


Helping you become an essay pro

We are a bunch of immigrants who were lucky enough to attain higher education from different universities in America and the UK. 

Our goal is to help youth like us to achieve the same dream we could. We believe that through proper guidance and experienced help, which we didn’t have while going through the process, a student can realise that they can really dream, and then achieve! That’s what our goal is!

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