A Personal Statement represents who you are and why you can prove to be an important asset to your proposed school or work environment.


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Why is it important?

The top universities in the world have a large pool of applications. Almost every applicant in this pool has good grades in schools and above average scores in their standardized tests. The only thing that distinguishes between a good and an excellent student in this pool is the personal statement. Through this single document, each student can convey his or her achievements, ambitions and passions and impress the universities.

What do we do?

This is our forte! Our team of advisors go one on one with our students and make sure our students can align their past experiences, convey their goals, and express passion for their selected programs. In addition, we make them go through a vigorous amount of editing to perfect the statement through regular sessions.

We advise our students on what to include in their essays, based on their financial and academic backgrounds, and their strengths, through rigorous brainstorming. One of the biggest things’ universities look for is what you can do for them, not what they can do for you.

Our Students

Our students have gotten into Johns Hopkins, Georgia Tech and Syracuse University’s graduate program, all three of which are among the top rated schools in America, in addition to many other notable schools.