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Success Stories

Graduating from a Chinese high school, my English was understandably weak, yet I was passionate about attending a good university in the USA. Upon research, I came across TruEduGoals and looking at their good reviews, I decided to give them a chance. I took their Combo Platinum package, and I was blown away by the effort my advisor put into each one of the steps of the application process. I was profoundly surprised by the fact that TruEduGoals attempted to teach me the required skills rather than just getting my application done. By the end of my work, I felt I had a personal connection with my advisor, who would give me sincere advice whenever I needed it.

Yuyan Chen

- Bachelors, University of Oregon -

Securing an internship is very competitive and if you are not aware of the nitty gritty details required to perfect your resume and cover letter, there’s a high chance you won’t be able to show your potential to the firms. Looking at their impressive list of advisors with a Finance background, my friend and I decided to take help from TruEduGoals. We registered for the Combo Silver package. I had a frank and honest relationship with my advisor throughout, and I am grateful I got to receive advice that is not readily available to everyone. A cherry on top: I was hired as a Summer Intern by Orange Value Fund!


- Finance Intern, Orange Value Fund/ Masters, Syracuse University -

Personal statement is a crucial component of a college application for a Master’s degree. TruEduGoals not only guided me in structuring my personal statement, but also spent hours reviewing and editing my work. I also had to make many edits to my statement , based on their suggestions. In the end, I felt that I had a strong personal statement and felt satisfied with the help I received from TruEduGoals. They are dedicated and hardworking counselors who are passionate about getting their students into their dream colleges.

Nawal Ahmed

- Masters, Georgia Institute of Technology/University of Southern California/Michigan Ann Arbor -

I came to TruEduGoals after an unsuccessful round of graduate college application in 2018. Working with them on my US applications has been a great experience. They are organized and comprehensive in their thoughts and critical readers who pay great attention to detail. They respond quickly and communicate actively throughout the process. I was able to score admission at NYU and Columbia for my master’s programs, both my dream colleges. I would highly recommend using them!

Sundus Ali

- Masters, NYU/Columbia University, Scholarship Recipient -

Graduate School applications can be a daunting process, from getting all your materials ready to writing a personal statement. I was recommended to this service by a friend and I have had a terrific experience! They have not only helped with my personal statement but also assisted me in narrowing down my college list. I will be starting a Master of Arts in Sociology from Columbia University. TruEduGoals provides an ultimate college application solution and I would highly recommend it.

Saira Ali

- Masters, Columbia University/University of Amsterdam-

TruEduGoals helped me with my personal statements for the Georgia Tech graduate degree application. They made writing the personal statement much less stressful. My advisor had a unique way of helping me bring out the ideas by picking up on various anecdotes of my past life. I also enjoyed learning new writing techniques. He was very knowledgeable about the application process. I definitely recommend these guys for all college application related matters.

Tahsin Tahmid

- Masters, Georgia Institute of Technology/Johns Hopkins University-

 I believe I got into Syracuse University only because of the beautiful edits done by TruEduGoals to my personal statement, totally recommended.

Maryam Manzoor

- Bachelors, College of Environmental Science and Forestry/Syracuse University-

I was totally lost about my residency personal statement. I was surprised to come out with not only a residency in America, but a beautiful personal statement that these guys dug out of me!

Hira Wasim

- Psychiatry Fellow/Resident Physician, Cleveland Clinic-

They make sure they stay with you throughout the application process. From personal statement, to resume to cover letter and letter of recommendations i got into my favourite school Virginia Tech in their Mechanical Engineering Program. Their Combo Platinum package is worth the money.

Hannan Khalid

- Bachelors, Virginia Tech/University at Buffalo/Stony Brook-

Nomani fromTruEduGoals helped me tailor my Personal Statement for Residency Training Programs. On a very short notice, Ahmed helped me edit my Personal Statement and was readily available at all times around the clock. I’ve secured a spot into a very fine Residency program now at the University of Louisville, Kentucky and I am positive his piece of work played a part in it.

Ali Raza Talpur

-Psychiatry Resident, University of Louisville-

As someone who started speaking English only 5 years ago, I was struggling with grammar and syntax. They worked on my resume as it was their own. I felt the energy and effort they would put into writing each line. Their attention to detail was really commendable. I would go back to them for help anytime.

Hamza Hamid

- Intern at JP Morgan/ Bachelors at Syracuse University-

TruEduGoals motivated me to take up the hard paths in life without having to care about the opinions of the people around me. I ended up getting into MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development program at University of Cambridge, which I believe would not have been possible without TruEduGoals recommendation letters. They also worked on my scholarship essay and supplemental questions, which are an essential component of any scholarship application. Whenever I went to them for a solution, I am glad that I never returned empty handed.

Yahya Qadri

- Masters, University of Cambridge, Scholarship Recipient -

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